Monday, April 20, 2009

Pins, Blankets, and Invitations

I've been super busy in the past week! I'm working in invitations for my wedding, and I have three (yes, three) baby blankets to finish in the next week. Also, I made a whole bunch of new pin sets for my fabric shop.

Pins in the process of being made - felt backs (ecofelt from recycled plastic) are cut and ready to have pins attached.

Finished fabric pins! They come in a set of three -- small, medium, and large -- in a round tin. I hope to have them posted some time this week.

Check out my handmade wedding blog for a post about my wedding invitations.

Also -- I'm going to have to push back the spring line for my jewelry store a week because I haven't had time to take photos. I'm hoping to start uploading by this weekend.

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