Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I have been so busy this winter break, but I was finally able to get my first Patchwork Doll posted in my shop. Here is Annabelle:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


When it rains, it pours.

The ideas keep coming. I can barely stop trying them long enough to get orders ready to go out on Friday -- My last ship date before Christmas. I head out of town on Friday night, and I think I might go through withdrawal because I won't have access to my craft supplies. I am going to try to get the dolls ready to be stuffed and slip-stitched, so I will have something to do. Also, my embroidery floss needs to be wound onto little plastic cards, so I can take that as well.

Back to the pouring -- I had another great idea yesterday, and I was able to try it out today. It took a shopping trip to find just the right sealer, but I found *exactly* what I was looking for -- after three shops, I was thinking I might have to settle for trying out some other things, but I finally found what I wanted at the fourth shop. I got to work as soon as I got home... and it is perfect!

I hate to leave you hanging -- but its off to bed for now! I will try to post pictures of my new idea tomorrow. I'll be wearing it tomorrow to school (hint, hint), and I hope to make more over break to put in my shop.

Something about a snow day...

There is barely a dusting here, but where I teach there is more than 3 inches, which means not one... but two snow days!

On Monday night, anticipating a snow day, I was thinking about the plush rabbit I tried to make last weekend. It didn't turn out how I wanted, I can't even post a picture! However, I suddenly had a great idea as I was falling asleep. By some miracle, I remembered the idea in the morning!

I really love small wood painted dolls, however I somehow wanted to combine the idea of a painted wood doll with a fabric doll. So, I decided to make a fabric doll in the same shape as the wood doll and add a small pocket that would hold... a matching wood doll! The photos below show my prototype, which I think turned out fairly well. I have 7 more in the works already! They will go in my Etsy shop when I am finished.

The doll front is made with a 100% linen fabric. I stitched a patchwork of cotton fabric scraps on the doll for her dress and hair. Her eyes have safety-lock backs. The back of the doll and the pocket are felt, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. The doll is stuffed with super soft bamboo fiber-fil (yes, bamboo!). The doll also has a small flower pin (removable, so you can wear it too!) made with a coordinating button, ribbon, and felt leaf. The little wood doll is hand-painted in colors that match the large fabric doll. I haven't finished the wood doll (the small "foot" at the bottom will be painted brown to match the brown felt and a sealant will be applied for durability. Also, please excuse the small bump on the bottom of the fabric doll -- I haven't slip-stitched her shut yet!!

I plan on putting the other 7 dolls in my fabricfarrago etsy shop next week. I'll update before then to let you know the date and time in case you are interested in purchasing one!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

When I Finally Give In...

I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head, little bouncing balls flying back and forth, my mind flitting from one to another. Usually I manage to convince myself that the idea is silly, no one will like it, I shouldn't even try, why bother... I don't know what it was, maybe reorganizing every single supply I own last weekend... But I finally decided I was tired of crushing every idea before it even made it to a prototype. I finally gave it an decided to try an idea. And, I like it. A lot. In fact, I wore it to meet a friend today and she even liked it. I am going to make a couple for her as a few more samples.

I have a few more ideas bouncing around, and maybe I'll give in an try those as well. I would really like to launch some new products when the new year starts.

Also, I am really thrilled because some of my work is now being sold in a b&m shop up in Cincinnati at Beehive Co-op. If you are in the area, go check it out!

And now, I am off to go have more fun with my serger -- after two years I finally got up enough nerve to try to thread the thing, and it actually works!!