Thursday, August 7, 2008

Long Day at School

Today I put in my first full day at school working on my classroom -- A lovely 9.5 hours of classroom cleaning fun! My main goal was to figure out where to put tables, bookshelves, etc. -- with the potential for 30 kids and no literacy program, I had to reorganize a bit. I was able to get everything where I wanted it, and started labeling AR books with their reading level (I got through 2 boxes -- Yippee!).

I feel like I am being rewarded for all my hard work, because imagine my surprise when I find I have a double dose of front page! One of my fabric necklaces is in a treasury on the front page this evening, and a set of my pushpins are in a Storque article (and since it is one of the first related items, it shows up when the article scrolls by the front page)! I am so honored, and it made my exhausting day have a very happy end. Here are the screenshots:

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